Thinking of returning to Naim

A few years back I moved to Devialet, nice unit but missing the Naim sound.
Not sure which way to go, a Nova or maybe 272/250dr at a push.
So, have all the software issues around the uniti’s been sorted that I have read about?

How does the Nova compare to the older Superuniti, which I thought sounded great?

Thoughts and opinions welcomed.


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Hi, welcome back to the dark side!

In addition to sound quality and other issues, think about what streaming sources you will be using. The old platform streamers (including the 272) can be a great bargain, but the new platform (Unitis and 2nd gen. separates) have much better functionality for web streaming in particular.

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Ok thanks, so the older platform isn’t Roon ready then, just the newer platform?

Is there likely to be the 272 gets a upgrade or is it as it is?

I currently use Innuos Zen mini as a server, which I understand I can use as Roon core.

It’s almost certainly going to stay as is, the newer streamers are based on a completely different platform to older devices, and the development effort is focused on the current portfolio.

Is it now a stable platform? reading some previous posts there seems to be one or two that have had problems with the software.

People did have problems, I was lucky and apart from a couple of screen freezes last year, I have had rock solid service from my Nova, and my ND555 has been fine. As far as I can see from threads here, the number of people with problems is significantly reduced and most users are happy with their devices. I know Naim have sold a lot of the new platform and don’t seem to have massive numbers of people with issues.

Yes, Roon support is only on the new models. There are workarounds to make it work on the old streamers such as adding a Sonore UPnP Bridge.
If your Zen Mini is the newer Mk3 version, as I understand it, you can use Roon via the SPDIF connection into an old platform streamer.

There is no news from Naim about an updated 272, so you can only guess if they will release one. If you want a 2 box system, you could look at ND5XS2 or NDX2 with a Nait.
I now have 2 new platform streamers, and they both seem to be very stable and reliable, so I have no complaints there, although it’s inevitable that somebody somewhere will have issues.

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Where or how does Nova stand regarding sound over separates?

I really tired of multi box hi fi, There’s quite a jump from the Star to Nova, what’s Nova got that warrants extra funds, considering there’s no cd?

I would also consider a Supernait 3 with ND5XS2 or NDX2 if the budget allows

@ D.L aren’t they on the older software platform?

No, Naim have uplifted the ND standalone streamers. The ND5XS2, NDX2 and ND555 are all on the new platform (the ND5XS, NDX and NDS are the previous generation and on the old software platform). In addition the Uniti range of Atom, Star and Nova, plus the new Muso 2nd generation and Muso Qb Second Generation are on the new platform. All other Unitis and 1st gen Musos are on the old platform.

Ok clearer now, thanks.

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In case the upgraditis hits you with an NDX2 you have a pretty decent position regarding seperate pre/power amp/power supply

Of course you could alternatively buy a pre-loved SuperUniti for about £1500 or so while you make your mind up. I think they are a total steal at that price (and I have two of them). There are often several on eBay and if you buy from a Naim dealer advertising there as I did, it’s a safe option.


I went from a Superuniti to a Nova, I loved the Superuniti and it’s a great bargain but the Nova is in a different league sound wise and functionality and is future proof. I auditioned a 250/272 combination which I thought was slightly (5%) better than the Nova but at a lot more money. Go and have a listen, I love my Nova.

I use a Zen mini with a Nova and am very happy with the sound.
Odd blip with the software but you’ll have great difficulty get a better sound for the money. I’ve heard the new Linn equivalent and to me it sounded dead by comparison.

I use a Zen mini with mine as well, a good combination along with Naim Allaes.

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The Return of the Prodigal Son… :wink:

Anyone listened between the star and nova?

Within you’re budget, I’d be more inclined to consider the following:

Option 1:

  • ND5xs2
  • Nait Xs3

Option 2:

  • ND5xs2
  • NAC202
  • NAP200

Option 3:

  • Mac Mini/Micro PC
  • Second hand n-DAC
  • NAC282
  • NAP 200