Thinking of trying an older Melco

I was shared a rip via a Melco and one from dbpoweramp. They had slightly different metadata and leading silence offset as all rippers have their own offset as none can seek exactly so this is no surprise, that was about it.

Offset compensated for in audio editing software, a difference check applied. The contained music data was identical in every single way.

When played together and one track had reversed polarity the tracks cancelled each other out and no sound, they are identical musically.

They also didn’t sound any different to me on my systems via speakers or headphones. Not having a Melco thats as much as I could do. But it’s enough for me to know they are the same musically bit for bit. So something else is at play that know one in the whole hifi world has managed to achieve other than Melco or it’s a big case of the leader with no clothes.

There is an interesting anecdote on an other forum about mastering engineer Alan Silverman in conversation with Steve Guttenburg on ripping. He was confirming that when ripping was perfect it’s an exact copy regardless of hardware or software.

He tested cd pressings of his albums before major release and he does/did the same tests as me. He ripped via a Mac and iTunes. Guess what they matched back to his master files and when nulled against the master, silence was heard.

melco playback to naim streamers can be controlled from a computer?

Okay, folks, a request for a little bit more advice, if I may…

My EX-updated Melco is arriving tomorrow. Where should I locate it?

  1. On the ‘brain’ side of my hifi stacks (on isoblue). or
  2. On the isoblue between the speakers that holds TV plus all the TV related stuff (switch, Apple TV, DVD/HDD player, NAS).

I’m assuming that it’ll go with the rest of the hifi, but either option is possible.

Mine is on the hifi rack.

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And do folks leave theirs powered up like their Naim?

Yes, specially the Melco. If not you can loose it when powering your streamer or just opening the app.

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Leave powered - locate on a good HiFi Shelf, mine is on the ‘source Brawn’ stack.

Context: I have a ‘source-only’ Fraim stack for ND555 then next to it my ‘source brawn’ with 2x 555PS with Melco atop.


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Thanks, both. I’m looking forward to getting it plugged in and starting the long process of copying files across.

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All plumbed in and ready to go - except that Windows tells me it’ll be ‘More than 1 day’ to finish copying over my almost 3,000 albums. Looks like it might be tomorrow night’s treat :grinning:

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No problem with metadata?

You can begin playing the albums already copied while the others are still being installed - they should show up on the App…if you are impatient!


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It’s not unheard of for file transfers to stall when they take that long. I usually do them in batches, such as a genre at a time, as this tends to go a bit more smoothly.

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Fingers crossed, and I’ll keep an eye on it.

Metadata is all sorted - we’ll see how it all looks in MinimServer. Have any of you gone for the full version, or just used the free one?

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I decided on the Twonky Server option on the Melco - I think it sounded better and also has a Web Interface allowing another way to access and play the music, but I use the Naim App almost all the time to navigate and play.


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I did the same, purchased a cheap s/h Melco N1a/2- 2x3TB, which I upgraded to EX version. I have not started serious ripping yet. I plan to subscribe to SongKong and Minimserver since most of my cd`s are classical music. 70 % out of > 2000.

Right now I use the Melco as a source (with a dac) into SN. I manage to play ripped Cd`s of course, but also Qobuz. Is there any possibilities to perform Tidal and iRadio as well from the Melco? I use Linn Kazoo app for replay.

Best S

The Signals guys seem to think that Minim server 2 now sounds much better snd am currently using that. I guess i should try twonky at some stage.


Yes, you can set Tidal up in Kazoo. I don’t know whether you need some element of Minimserver running to identify your player as an OpenHome source (probably not the right terminology :grinning: ) You might already have this if you’re playing stuff. iRadio might be the same - might just need to login to a vTuner account in Kazoo.

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Thanks GavinB :blush: I will look into this when back home.


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