This or That?

For the same $ I could either get a new Supercap DR or a second new Hicap DR & seven levels of Naim Fraim from secondary market. My system will be Rossini + 282 + HicapDR + 300DR on bamboo Quadraspire SVT rack.

I’ve already purchased a supercap so this question is just from curiosity re relative values of the different components.

Week by week your spend budget seems to be increasing? :grinning:

I’m confused though, if you have already purchased a S/Cap (for the 282?), why do you need another? Would you be selling the acquired S/Cap for a DR version?

If Fraim is scarce in the 2nd-hand market (and you really want it), I would get some while you can, as the kit is easier to obtain in the long run. The relative costs will be informed by the price-listings in your area.

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There is quite a lot of discussion in older threads about two hi-caps vs. a Supercap with a 282. As you would expect, both options have supporters and in the end only your ears can decide which one you prefer. Similar for SC vs SC DR; most people seem to favor DR nowadays, but there is also a faction for whom the Naim sound ended with DR.

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It’d be interesting to have some of the old forum folks chime in on that idea.

As one of them, I’d suggest DR represented an evolution of “classic” Naim sound, as opposed to the end of it. Some will prefer it, some will not.

Exactly, so nobody can answer the question in the first post except the OP’s ears

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