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I get forum notifications using Safari and don’t need small screen support. I see nothing to compel me to install yet another app when Safari will do. And in a pinch mobile Safari on iPhone works fine (which is how I posted this).

I’m just not one to install a lot of apps on mobile and desktop devices.

The app takes 14MB including data. It adapts for the screen size as does Safari of course. Unless you try the app you don’t know what the benefits are. It builds on the embedded Safari applet in the OS as do many apps.

Why not just be grateful for help as you started this thread.

@Richard.Dane What I do find is that page stack goes wrong at times particularly when one clicks a notification when the App loads. My default on startup is Latest threads. But hey it’s easy to reload Latest in my case.


Seriously, are you calling me ungrateful because I turn down your suggestion to install a third party app I don’t want or even need? :flushed:

I’m not installing the app for the very simple reason that it doesn’t add anything I can’t already do. It just does things differently and with a difference presentation. You like that, and I get that, but it doesn’t mean I will. The app size is irrelevant in any case. I appreciate your suggestion but that’s what it is. No need to be rude and accuse me of being ungracious because I turn it down.

[quote=“JosquinDesPrez, post:25, topic:7166”]
are you calling me ungrateful because I turn down your suggestion to install a third party app I don’t want or even need?

Silence is golden in such circumstances, so I will now be silent. The picture is what happens opening the page in Safari. I don’t have that issues.


I know what happens. I reported it. I’m glad you feel like you get benefit from using it, but I don’t care that your app doesn’t have the issue. The whole point of reporting there is an issue is so it can get fixed, and I can continue to use what I already like. In the meantime I put up with the nuisance of it, but it’s not impeding functionality, so a nuisance is all it is. That’s not a good reason to change software, IMO.

I’m getting the cookie form every time I visit the forum. I run Firefox on Windows with uBlock Origin, Cookie Auto Delete (with * whitelisted) and a Pi-hole with the standard blocklists. This setup hasn’t changed for a long time and the site was working fine, so something on the site has changed recently.

I use both a Samsung tablet and a Motorola phone. Both have Android 9, last updated 1/2/20.
I recently was having problems with the cursor, which was identified as the Samsung loading the desktop version of the site.
It doesn’t matter whether I use Chrome, or Discourse, on both devices I get the cookie notice whether I clear browsing history or cache, or not.
The phone then always opens on the mobile site, the tablet always on the desktop.
Strangely, if I go to a Win 10 PC, using Edge, the forum opens in the mobile version!
The cookie thing is an irritation, but it has only happened in the last couple of weeks

Our web developer is looking into it.

I think this problem is worse now. It happens more frequently, and it happens with Safari on all my devices (2018 MacBookPro, 2018 iPad Pro 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max). FYI: I updated to latest versions of macOS, iPad OS and iOS this week.

Our web developer is trying to replicate this issue but with no success so far.

I’m a Safari user on all my devices and I’ve had no issues with the Naim forum, however I do get it incessantly asking for consent on one or two other sites.

Click on “Cookies” at the bottom of the page and it will tell you which cookies are which.

Safari- iPad pro- iPad OS current version
I get it as well

It’s consistently appearing on iPhone ios13 Firefox no add ons as far as I’m aware.

I don’t have the problem on any other site. It looks like Roon Community uses the same forum platform software. I haven’t had anything pop up there. In my case this is uniquely a Naim forum occurrence.

It’s odd, it doesn’t happen to me using Safari on IPad and IPhone, I get the occasional popup on Firefox on Windows 10. I’d expect inconsistent behaviour on FF/Windows because of the number of plugins/config options, but in IOS devices I’d expect much more consistency.

After a couple of cookie pop-up free weeks I’ve just had another.

MacBook Air/Safari 13.1

Still happens to me on a regular basis on both MacBook Pro and iPad Pro

On rare occasions for me. Yesterday the last. Maybe 2 times a month. IPad Air 2.

Happens to me often, but not so often that it’s a problem (so not quite every day).

It’s buggy software in the hosting platform that is causing it. It’s not Naim’s fault.