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Yep. It comes and goes. No discernible rhyme or reason. Both on Windows PC and iPad mini.

Perhaps nothing for a couple of weeks, then a spate for a day or two.

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Yep, I also get the pop-up in Safari every time I go onto this page. I’m using an iPhone X with iOS 13.3.1
It is starting to get a bit annoying now.

I only get the repeated cookie consent question if I clear my history/cache which I do manually/regularly when I need to update web pages that I have uploaded myself - particularly if I have amended the style sheet (CSS). Perhaps other users have software or settings that does clear history/cache for them automatically or after a session etc and hence the previously agreed consent disappears and a new one asks again?

Our web developer has been trying to recreate without much success.

I don’t get it on my own Apple devices running Safari, so I guess it must be something clashing with some other program somewhere.

Went for weeks without this happening, now it’s there almost every time I visit the Forums, whether on my iMac, iPhone or iPad.

It happened to me in the middle of reading the forum today. Also I noticed that when I opened a browser that was already loaded with the Naim website (not the Forum) it did it to me then too.



Happened again after rebooting my laptop.

(MacBook Air/Catalina 10.15.4/Safari 13.1)

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