This Week - enjoy it while you can

WIll anyone else miss This Week?

The BBC are apparently not renewing it once Andrew Neil steps down in a few months.

I always found this show to be compelling viewing with Mr Portillo and one of several Labour foils (I think I may have repurposed counterfoils in a good way :blush: earlier) enjoying polite and humorous discussions of political events of the week, together with the often hilarious themed guest shorts and subsequent discussions.

Watching last night old George Galloway looked rather dapper, but I had to wonder if he was ill as his legs looked incredibly skinny.

I’ve watched this programme as often as I can in recent years, and it’s provided light relief following the generally awful politicians rolled out on Question Time toeing the party line, whereas on This Week I think you saw politicians being themselves.


Yes indeed a sad day when it ends, but who can step into those shoes? one of the finest political press minds on the planet. It would be futile & an insult if auntie tried to replace Andrew himself, but maybe something completely different that included Michael to do what he does so well. I doubt however Michael has the skill or the charisma to be the frontman. But life without This Week ? … ?

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Sad news, loved this show, especially the love nest between portillo and Abbott. What next ?
“Have I Got News For You” ? Non void after more than a lifetime prison sentence ?

I reckon it was past it’s sell by date, Andrew going speeded up the process, has been getting sillier over the last year or so, but will miss it.

Yes, agree that with the intro’s, all a bit unnecessary

I won’t miss the show - I used to very much enjoy it but it has flagged in the last year as Andrew Neil seemingly lost drive/ enthusiasm for the format. I think there is still space for a political counter foil to Question Time, providing a more balanced debate straight after the often chaotic live audience circus.

Political media times are a changing in UK with the passing of Brian Walden; Dimbleby hanging up his microphone and now Neil saying adios.


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