Thorens TD 1601 turntable

Does anyone have any experience with this turntable. Is it worth the money. Which phono stage and cartridge to consider?

See similar thread : “ new Thorens 1600/1601 “.

I’ve just read through 70 odd pages of the previous thread. Apart from opinions on how it looks, there isn’t one review of how it actually sounds.

there looks to be a superb review of this turntable on You Tube

Thanks will check it out

Yes, one thing with ithis forum is that whilst it has a superb knowledge of audio matters, certain brands such as Thorens and ClearAudio don’t have the same market share in the UK as brands such as Rega , Linn or even Michell.

So opinions or knowledge of these firm’s products is less than even.

The Thorens TD1601 is not at all well known in comparison to the LP12 or even Gyrodec, however the review on YouTube is really good.

I feel nobody has tried unfortunately. Try to search on google. Why are you interested by that one, the most?

You have several turntables in that price range:
Rega P8
Project X8 evolution
Clearaudio concept
Kuzma stogi
Technics 1200 GR
Mofi ultradeck
Avid Ingenium
VPI Player


My first serious record deck was a Thorens TD160S, so I will always retain a soft spot for them. It went through various developments (if that’s not too grand a word), but was best with an early black Ittok (before these were common) and an Ortofon MC20 high output moving coil cartridge - which sounded fabulous with my then all-QUAD 34/606/ESL63 system.

The improvement in sound quality was huge when I bought my LP12, but so it should have been, given the relative cost of the decks.

The new Thorens 1600 (I’m not sure about the model number) looks to be a great development of the lineage.

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I like the retro style and solid look of the build quality. I’m also interested in the linn sondek Malik at a similar price c£3500 including Krane arm and cartridge. I will listen to both. Any ideas on phono stage for either of the above.

If I may boil the question of phono stage down to one aspect.

Phono stages come in two flavours , one that is dedicated to MM or MC only or phono stages that offer both MM/MC .

I have a Graham Slee Reflex that is only MM and I think is a stronger product as a result .

Rega make a combined stage at around £1,000 and that is popular on these pages

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See other threads?

In this price range, I am a huge fan of the Dynavector P75 mk4. It sounds VG and can match a wide variety of cartridges, is small and easy to position without a hum, doesn’t get ultra-hot and doesn’t need an expensive extra power supply to give its best. However, lots of us will recommend what we liked enough to buy….


Just read some reviews of the dynavector it seems a bargain at the price.sound org at York stock this, I’m going in the next week or so and plan to listen to the linn sondek Majik with the dynavector just a little over £4000 for the package. MF amp and cd to be upgraded by John Sampson.then onto speakers with proac response d20 at top of list at the moment.

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Those are all good choices.

One other option…Almost every box I have (Dynavector, Superline, LP12 and Naim amps/CD included) were all second hand, mostly from dealers, and you really do get a lot more for a lot less that way.

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Hi @vinylMessi
I asked about the same Thorens turntable a while back. As you’ve probably read the thread there was no one who had heard it and it looks like that is still the case. I liked its retro looks and hoped it would deliver a great sound.

I also asked people here to suggest other options and several suggested an LP12 which I’d not thought of. Once I started to entertain the idea of an LP12, I discounted other options. I’ve not regretted getting it despite the astronomical price of new vinyl and the realisation I needed a wall bracket to get the best from it (I have a suspended wooden floor).

If your goal is best possible sound for the money, you may want to consider a Rega RP8 (or other similar TT) and the Rega Aria MM and MC MK3 Phono Stage. This is a great - and flexible - combination.

The option to get a second hand LP12 from a dealer that knows what they are doing is also good advice. I would strongly recommend getting an off board motor for it (at some point) and I can highly recommend the Lingo4. If you do buy new, you are getting the Karousel which is brilliant.

Whatever you choose, I hope you’re as happy with it as I am with mine.


Hi GL,
I just looked at your profile and saw : 51% human, 49% vinyl. I am intrigued. What does it mean?

Hi @frenchrooster
It’s an attempt at humour which has clearly failed! :laughing: I am a vinyl fan.


When I first started looking at the Thorens deck I wasn’t aware that I could get the LP12 for roughly the same price. I think it should also offer upgrade opportunities in the future. Hoping it gives me quite an upgrade on my meagre Project and Rega phono mm? Plenty of LP’s waiting in the wings to be re-discovered.

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Ordered a new turntable this morning after spending 3 hrs demoing at Hi Fi Sound. I listened to the Rega P8 with Aria Phono stage alongside the Technics SL-1200GR also through the Aria. They were very very close but thought the Technics had the edge. Overall just more dynamic and put a smile on my face during the demo. I also went for the Hana SL moving coil, sounded very good indeed. also upgraded the interconnect to Van Den Hul The Thames which is better than the stock cable you get with the deck. Total spend £3400 but feel as though I’ve got a great sounding package. Unfortunately won’t be able to try at home until I get my amp back from John Sampson, will report back in due course.


Wow, that’s interesting to read! I never demo’d a Rega when I was looking about 6 months ago. There’s always a nagging doubt over that sort of thing. I try my best to forget about it and enjoy the music, but it’s good to hear more positive reviews about the Technics decks 8)

Hana ML and Aria - that sounds like a great setup!

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