Thorens TD320 Restoration

Does anyone know of somewhere that could restore a Thorens TD320 c1985 ideally in the Bristol, Bath, Oxford, Swindon area
I’m embarrassed to say that it’s been sat on top of a wardrobe for over 15 years (maybe more :roll_eyes:) and rather than just throw it away and buy something new, I’d like to explore getting it working again.
I’ve no idea how it would compare to today’s turntables, but it would be nice to bring it back life.

The TD320 was a pretty good deck back in the day - not up to a Sondek, but reasonably competitive with the next level down. Does it have the Linn LV-X tonearm onboard?

I would give it a good clean up, clean out the bearing and re-oil, fit a new belt (try Thakker for a good quality replacement), check that the arm bearings are still OK, maybe fit a new stylus depending on what cartridge is fitted, and you should be good to go.

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The tone arms is a ThorensTP21
I am actually looking for somewhere I can take it too as I’m fairly useless at the sort of maintenance you describe :blush:

Your best bet then would be to find a specialist dealer not too far from you who can service and fettle it for you.

What about Loricraft who are near Swindon? Terry did a good job on my TD124 MkII.


brill, thanks

The only risk is that SME now own Loricraft and may have different plans. Terry may manage something privately.


Alternatively you have a number of good Naim dealers within close range, who are also turntable specialists. I know and can vouch for Audience in Bath, although you should take a look yourself and make some enquiries.

Thanks, I have just got a note back from Peter at Audience, who are happy to take a look.

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Thanks to Peter at Audience ib Bath I now have a fully working turntable, with a new cartridge, at a fraction of the price of a new turntable.
It is lovely when you get a phone call to say, ’ t’s all ready and it only needed a good clean and oil, so we have only charged you for the cartridge’.
Great service !

Now playing one of my favourite albums from my youth that I haven’t heard for 15-20 years


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