Thoughts on Stageline S?

I have an LP12 with Lingo 2, Ittok II, Klyde. Can anyone comment on how the Stageline S would stack up against other MC Phono Stages. Unfortunately, Linn have priced themselves outside my means and I want to try and get as much as is sensibly possible out of my deck. Currently I am using the phono section of a Linn Kontrol preamp, but I’m planning on a Uniti Nova in the New Year, so a change of phono section is on order. I can get a decent deal on a used Stageling, but I have no ability or opportunity to do any demo’s.

Any thoughts would be welcome.


neil M.

The stageline isn’t self powered, it would normally be powered from a preamp, Nait or an external power supply but the unitis don’t appear to be able to supply power to a phonostage.

A Nova will digitise its analog inputs if that matters to you.

Neil, Someone here will be able to confirm but I think you may want a Stageline K with a Linn Kyde.

I’m sure Richard will alter your thread’s title if that is the case…

Chris (happy Stageline S user with AT cartridge)

The plot thickens then.

Ah, okay, I thought I had read somewhere that I would need the "S’. Good thing I checked. Thanks

Neil I would look for a secondhand Prefix instead. Note you’ll need a Hicap to power it and the 4-5 interconnect. S or K should work, although I know some who reckon S is the better one for the Klyde and others who prefer K…

Many thanks. I’ll see what I can find

Neil M

I’m sorry, I had not realised that the S would work.

Best, C.

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