Throbbing Gristle - Genesis P-Orridge

One of Kevster’s faves I think - their lead singer has passed away:


Indeed @Alley_Cat! Playing some Gristle now. I always remember my first (and only) TG gig on 23rd December 1980 at Heaven in London. I was 18 at the time, it was quite scary, lots of odd characters hanging around in dark corners, Gen screaming into the mic, various films being shown (one was of a guy being castrated with a pair of scissors, IIRC). I later learned from Chris and Cosey that GPO was not a particularly nice person (something that came out in greater and often harrowing detail in Cosey’s book of a couple of years ago). The thing that always struck me about Gen was how small s/he was.


Sad news indeed. I hadn’t heard.
Thanks for posting.
May go pin a flower to the door of no 50.

Time for some Godstar on the Linn.
Thanks for it all, Genesis.


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