Thumbs up to HiFi Corner

Hi these guys are great…I got a good trade in with my NDS against an ND555 and recently my Veldyne remote packed up … now its nearly 5 years since I bought the sub…but Tony chased a new one for me and replaced it free of charge!!!
So credit where credit is due … these guys are patient and kind…give them a try if you are near Edinburgh.


The name of a business, I presume, rather than praise of the forum pigeonhole?

I use the Falkirk branch great guys to deal with.

And there I was thinking we were all slapping each other on the back for being such jolly good chaps! Trebles all round!


Obviously, the shop HiFi isn’t hyphenated :upside_down_face:

I asked because it seemed like it but I had never heard of them ( or, I guess, had many members)

To be honest I haven’t heard of them either, it was just a childish attempt at humour…

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I have purchased my speakers and Naim equipment from them- absolutely delightful customer service- couldn’t recommend them enough. Edinburgh branch.

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Most members of the forum based in Scotland will know them - I have purchased many items from the Edinburgh and Falkirk branches over the past 35 years or so…

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