Thumping sound on naim cd5 si

First time poster here. I have a naim cd 5si that makes a loud clunking sound when the transport returns to the start after the transport hits the start position. It does this twice when the player is turned on and there is a disc inside. Has anyone experienced this ? I don’t know if this is normal or not.

The Cd5si should be very quiet at all times

Sounds like something Inside needs attention

Let your dealer have a listen

On the earlier players this could sometimes be due to the laser head ribbon catching as the sled moved back and forth. I don’t know about the CD5Si mech though, so possibly @NeilS might have a better idea here.

Is the puck accurately in its place on the disc? I have heard similar noises with mine if it isn’t - just a thought.

My late 2019 cd5si makes a clunk at the end of the cd. I guessed it was the laser returning to its start position.

Hi Boog2,

I suspect what is happening here is that the transport laser sled performs an exercise of its full travel each time a disc TOC is read. There is a “home” leaf switch at the innermost end near the platter, if the sled has enough inertia, it may overshoot slightly and contact the transport body, even though the motor has been turned off by the switch.
When you first switch on with a disc inside, the sled finds its home position (potential first clunk), then reads the disc & performs the exercise (potential second clunk).
I don’t expect any damage to occur from this, but if you are concerned by it, have a word with your dealer.


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Do not remember my 5si being noisy at all

I’m fussy and a worrier about that sort of thing…so would remember

I have had mine about a month, it makes a similar sound when I put in a cd, like something is moving and when I stop the cd…same thing, didnt notice upon turn on but I have left it on since I got it.

I thought it was normal, and sounds normal, it plays fine, no issues, I wouldn’t say it is a clunk, but it is a noise like something is moving into place, I am in the USA and have no Naim dealer near me, bought it on audiogon, open box, but ser. number #451xxx shows it was made recently.

I dont know should we cd5si owners be concerned ?

I’ll try and have a play with mine later and report back.

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