Tidal £5 for 5 months

Just signed up to latest offer…

I had the months free trial a while back but internet was 2Mb !
Now i have 25Mb so will give it a go.


Great offer - I did the 4 month one a few weeks ago which was also very cheap.

I will be streaming to a MUSO QB and a Squeezebox touch (if possible). Do I need to select family (5 user), if I stream to 2 devices.

Paid my £5.

Streaming to QB and SBT without a problem. Although the Naim/Tidal app is doing my head in. :disappointed:

I’ve selected HiFI quality, but suspect in doing so has reduced my free trial period to 2.5 months

Your subscription will automatically renew 27/05/20. You will be charged £19.99 from your Credit Card

Upgrading your subscription from Premium to HiFi will reduce the remaining days in your trial or billing cycle by 50%

You can cancel your subscription immediately and it will still run to the end …and not charge you…so don’t think you have to wait till the last day

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So did you sign up for Premium instead of HIFI in the first place?

OK. Thanks. Will do.

No. I signed up for HIFI.

But you changed the Naim App from Premium to HIFI?

I didn’t. When I signed up for the free trial, (using my PC) I selected HIFI.

I’ve just re-read your post. You haven’t shortened the trial, they are just letting you that if you changed from Premium to HiFi the it would.

But I don’t have premium. I’ve only had HIFI and tidal are aware I have HIFI. They advised the charge will be £19.99, which is the cost of HIFI.

Just tried to log into tidal, only to be told I can’t do so, as firefox doesn’t have the components needed to play audio or video files. Internet explorer, same thing, not compatible. I’ll go and listen to my turntable instead. (Hope my cartridge is still compatible with my vinyl). :innocent:

Please re-read your own post.

Have done. No mention of starting with premium, then changing to HIFI.

Perhaps you should re-read my posts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why do you think your 5 month trial has been changed to 2.5 months. The chargeable date you stated in your post is clearly several months away.

Upgrading your subscription from Premium to HiFi will reduce the remaining days in your trial or billing cycle by 50%

The above indicates that if I have HIFI, the trial period will be reduced by 50%. The other information doesn’t indicate this, so there is a contradiction. If I could log into tidal I would ask them the question.

What it means if you get Premium and then upgrade to HiFi your offer period will reduce by 50%.

I’m assuming you guys with Naim streamers can tell the difference between Tidal Premium and HiFi? Only asking because the only streamer I have at the moment is a Sonos Connect and I can’t tell the difference between Amazon HD and Tidal Premium on that.

But, I received this meassage even though I had HIFI, and at no time have I ever had Premium.

Odd naming of the tiers I’d expect Premium to be better than hi-fi.

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