Tidal and Apple shortcuts

A long shot I know but has anyone managed to get Tidal working via an Apple (iOS) Shortcut? I can ask Siri to play music and (assuming it understands what I say) it will start playing it on Tidal. However, using shortcuts you can ask Apple Music to play whatever you want, but I can’t figure out a way to get Tidal to do the same. I think maybe there is no support for shortcuts with Tidal although they support Siri!


I was trying the same too.
Seems Neither Naim or Tidal do have a shortcut function for their apps.
Hopefully it will change at some point

I see to problems here. It seems that apple for obvious reasons has limitted the siri integration to work with apple apps music and the lyrics and music app I haveforgotten the name of. But even if this did work you would still have to route the miusic to Naim not the idevice itself. One of the anoyances with tidal direct is that you always have to tell it to play on the naim device. This seems to work fine for most people but I really would like for some kind of simple automation of this one.
The idea is to be able to tell your naim streamer to play something like you can do with a low cost smart speaker. Maybe there are ways to do this but I have not really looked into it after discovering that the first way I would like to use seem to be blocked.

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