Tidal and Nova

Just subscribed to Tidal HIFI and I’m trying to play it on my Nova, when I select a track it flashes up on the screen and then says “play queue” but nothing is being played, any ideas where I’m going wrong?


Are you using the Naim app for Tidal, or casting from the Tidal app?
Did the Naim app prompt you to sign in with your Tidal user name and password?

I’m using the Naim app, but I signed in via the Tidal app. How do I sign in via the Naim app?


It should ask you automatically when you first open the Tidal input. If not, go to Settings/Input settings/Tidal and log in there.

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All done, excellent.

Thank you very much, now off to listen to music all day! (1st day or furlough).



I ran with TIDAL for 2 1/2 years and when Qobuz was introduced here in the US recently I compared the two side by side. In my room, my system, my ears, I found I enjoyed the sound of Qobuz more. Others prefer Tidal. The other bonus it was $5.00 cheaper per month.


I also went from Tidal to Qobuz and I am mostly listening to the HiRes offerings due to the superior SQ to my ears, in my system.

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