Tidal and Qobuz - Albums in Common?

I’ve never compared the two, and currently only have access to my Tidal subscription. The availability of Qubux through Roon will give some folks the decision to make on which to go with. I’m sure sound quality will play a big part, but coverage of artists and albums must too.

I have a dim question: if album x is on Tidal, does that mean it’s not on Qobuz? Are albums on one and not the other? Are some on multiple platforms?

Both have pretty wide catalogues, and for most genres, do not have exclusive access to certain artists or albums, so that’s not generally a problem. You may find that some genres are a little better represented on one or the other, so certainly worth exploring this during a trial period.

Through Roon ghere is no difference in SQ for standard cd quality files between the services , MQA and hires will differ and you might prefer one over the other but there is not much in it.

Tidals library is overall bigger and more diverse than Qobuz and I would say they are more reliable metadata wise. So in the end it will come down to what suits your needs best and if you prefer the curation of one over the other. This becomes of little worth if using Roon though.

From what I have gleaned from people’s observations, their catalogues are different - and whilst there may be large areas of overlap there may also be large areas where only one has (or neither!)

I assume (but non’t know for a fact) that Qobuz supplies the same music by streaming as they do for purchase. That being the case they have a good strength in classical music, but, at least for music I like, a fair few gaps with non-classical. Spotify has things that Qobuz doesn’t, and vice versa - and also with significant gaps as far as my interests are concerned. I imagine similar is true of Tidal.

For these reasons it always struck me that for anyone wanting to only stream online, without their own stored music, subscription to a multiplicity of providers would likely be necessary.

Yeah its looking more like that is needed to get a fuller catalogue. I currently have Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify. Spotify is mainly for on the go listening and new discovery as its better for these. Not sure how long I can keep it up though. Qobuz will likely go at some point.

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