Tidal and Roon integration

I have a Roon subscription and have just subscribed to Tidal but my ND555 does not “see” Roon when I access Tidal on the Tidal icon on the 555. Can anyone help?
On a different note, I recently bought SL cables. I always thought the expense could not be justified. I was wrong. If you can get some at a decent price, go for it!

You don’t ‘see’ Roon on the Naim streamers, or select it as an input (it’s the same for AirPlay).
Just configure the ND555 as an endpoint in your Roon Core, and control it all from there, or from the Roon app on phone/tablet.
Once this is done, you can return to the Naim app and see the play queue etc. You will still need to use a remote or the Naim app for volume control on a Naim preamp.

Thanks Chris

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