Tidal and UPNP problem

I posted this on the Streaming site but maybe it’s better here: II subscribed to Tidal a little while ago and an odd thing happens when I switch from it to my UPNP connection or vice versa: The input on my 282 will switch from the audio input I use for my music to the AV input. I only have to select the proper input, but it’s still a hassle. Does anyone have an idea why this happens? Thanks

It maybe that you have some automatic input switching going on. Try resetting the 282 to its defaults.

Thanks. I’ll give this a try.

This is most likely to be caused by the wrong input being set in system automation on your streamer.

Access the setup menu on the streamer (spanner on remote) and scroll to system automation.

Scroll to the Streamer Audio option. Press OK.

Verify the correct input is set. I expect it’s set to the wrong one.

Great. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

Tricky Dickie, you live up to your name. That worked perfectly.

How do people know this stuff?

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Glad you are sorted!

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