Tidal app won't connect


I can’t seem to get Tidal app to connect to my muso 2. The device appears in the chrome cast drop down but it won’t connect. Tid Works fine through the Naim App.

Any advice or tips? Phone and app have been updated and rebooted.

Had this once a few days after updating to 3.5. (And once it disappeared completely). Had to unplug the power to get it working again.

None of my other four Chromecasts have had such issues.

Is it only the Tidal app that can’t connect?
If you go to the Naim app, Input Settings, check that Chromecast is enabled and follow the link from there to Tidal and see if it works then.
Also check how many devices/apps are using your Tidal account. If you’ve exceeded the number allowed on your account it won’t work.

Yes. Just the tidal app. It works through Naim app. I’ll try unplugging

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