Tidal app won't show Atom

When using the Tidal app (rather than through Naim app, which has no problems but the interface is terrible) my Atom doesn’t show up in any connect options including Airplay and Chromecast. However, I have a Sonos soundbar in the next room that shows up. When I move out of range of the Sonos, the Atom suddenly appears (it is connected by ethernet, whereas the Sonos is wifi connected).

Also, FYI, I didn’t experience this issue with Spotify - all devices appear. Any ideas? The Sonos appears to be “blocking” the Atom. I could put them on two separate networks but I’d prefer not to. Using Bluetooth to connect the Atom is also an option I suppose.

Using Naim app and nativ Naim Tidal is better SQ than via Bluetooth and Chromecast.

Bluetooth yes, but I haven’t noticed any degradation with Chromecast.

To the OP, is it really your Sonos or is it your WiFi/network. Does it still happen when the Sonos is disconnected?

Yep, just wish Tidal through Naim app had better functionality. You basically need to search separately for every single track/album you want to play.

The Atom is wired connection so shows up wherever I am in the house, as long as, seemingly, the Sonos doesn’t bump it off.

I have another question, why is tidal not showing on the atom home screen? Spotify is displayed (which I don’t use) even though it has been disabled from connections … How come?

Have you enabled Tidal in input settings? In the home screen, tap the gear wheel, then Input settings, then Tidal and make sure Input enabled is ticked. It should then show up on the home screen.


Web streaming services cannot be controlled via the remote control/front screen, so are not displayed. (Don’t ask me why?!)
Spotify is shown because it takes you to the Spotify app, as the Connect thing controls the streamer from there. Perhaps when Tidal Connect arrives that will also appear of the screen.

No from the device there is no input in the settings. From android app no ​​problem but

with device there is no way

How sad … Naim is a little behind on the interface, cheaper products have better support

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