Tidal broken on all my NAIM streamers

Being discussed for a while over here Tidal drop outs with

Unfortunately, the update doesn’t fix drop outs on the older streamers.

Yes, I confirm. On my NDX still drop outs :worried:

To clarify, our recent firmware fixes a specific issue where some TIDAL streams on the high quality setting with a .mp4 extension would fail to play. We continue to work with TIDAL on additional issues, including reported dropouts, and will update everyone as soon as possible.


Since this update my Mu-so and Qb experience multiple dropouts when playing Tidal via the Naim app.
When playing from Tidal app directly and using AirPlay towards Mu-so and Qb I have NO dropouts. With the previous firmware I had no problems either way.

I’ve gone back to Spotify until issues are resolved. At least I can listen without drop outs for now. Will increase music purchases as well. Not all bad I guess.

I’ve upgraded from firmware version 4.4 to 4.6 then 4.7 on my ND5 XS. I am still getting dropouts from Tidal. I hope Naim can fix this.

Is it me, or does version 4.7 sound better than 4.4?

Daniel - yes it does sound better. I have to say I’m not getting Tidal drop-outs anymore.



Thanks Lindsay.

Guys you are cross purposes here. I believe @DanielH is talking about an ND5 XS and @LindsayM is talking about mu-so Qb.


David - yes we are. Interestingly my Qb is now regularly dropping out on BBC radio after months of being well behaved. I’m confused.

It’s because the Tidal problem you mention Lindsay is not affected either way by the recent update for muso which only dealt with an inability to play Tidal MP4a files, so nothing to do with dropouts which Naim are looking at, at the moment…

I had some issues about streaming Tidal hi-fi on my Nac -N 272 pre in now one week
I have rebooted my router serveal times. Pulled out the main and so on with no results

In display it says stopped …playing maybe 2 tracks and then failed again

YESTERDAY i tried the factory setting menu
And afterwards it has played without problems …STRANGE OR …

I only had dropouts about 3 times, for about an hour each time.

But - to the OP/@Richard.Dane - I think the title of this thread may be a little confusing - perhaps it would be more specific if it had the word ‘my’ in front of streamers?

What did you do in the factory settings menu?

Agreed. Done.

Factory settings in the menu on your streamer
Push and the streamer Will go in factory setup

Sorry, my mistake, I was thinking of the Tools Menu.
So you returned the entire streamer to factory settings.
Fair enough - then just remains to set it back to your preferred settings - e.g. disabling the USB port, setting a max volume, turning off Wifi, etc.

Yes exactly Jim

I was trying and very easy to give it a try. It
Works now !

Maybe there has Been A bug in the streamer which has fuc… up everything

Damn streaming -:slight_smile: and Ethernet

Ok, the problems don’t stop. I thought i was lucky
About the factory settings. That was only for A short time …:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

My NAC 272 still crashes with Tidal. i ‘m frustrated

Why, anybody WHO Can Tell me ??

I have version 4.6 on my streamer…

Is that problem only with Tidal together with Naim??

My network connections is ok and speed …

See this thread: