Tidal Connect causes App disconnection

Since latest SW rev my Mu-so Qb2nd generation loses Naim app connection, as soon as I use Tidal connect. It happens than within the next hours.
Even while the app does not show anymore the Mu-so, I can use Tidal connect out of the Tidal app or use it with Bubble upnp

If I don’t use Tdal connect, instead Tidal out of the app, the app runs very stable…

App and Mu-so SW have the latest rev.

Thx Thomas

Glad it’s not just me! This started happening to me as well. It feels like it’s more recent than 4.3.0 release - maybe I am just using Tidal Connect more, but I had to re-start (plug/unplug) my Qb2 pretty much once a day in the past few days.

Yes, pulling the power cable helps for me also…but pretty sure, that I don’t want this as permanent solution :wink: So I don’t use Connect anymore, even I prefer the Tidal app.

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