Tidal connect coming to Naim in 2021

John Darko released a video today stating this news. Ok, what is Tidal connect? I use Tidal Hifi on my NDX2. How is Tidal connect different from regular Tidal?

It just allows devices such as the Uniti range and new streamers to have Tidal playback controlled by the Tidal app much like hoe Spotify connect works. Nothing more. Some might prefer it and likely allows easier access to features such as My Mix and other playlists not available by the API.

No big deal then…

Was trying to link to the previous Tidal Connect thread which has useful comments from Naim themselves.


But we can do that now anyway, or have I missed something?

If this allow desktop app or desktop browser player to control playback to Naim device it will be useful.
Tidal not provide yet linux app, this could be a problem for some.

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You will also in coming updates have the great handover between devices as Spotify Connect has meaning you can use your iphone to control Tidal, then switch to your iPad or Macbook and use that as the remote instead without initiating a new session. That is something I very much enjoy with Spotify Connect. Also, Tidals native app is far superior to Naims app. The Naim app will not add any benefits onwards I assume since you will be able to do it all with Tidals app. I don’t think Naim will cry tears over that since it just adds loads of work for them to make it work. Time they could spend on other more important things.


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