Tidal connect for NDX!

Why is there no support for the NDX with the Tidal Connect software update, does Naim not recognize that not everybody can stretch the funds to purchase an NDX2!

Unfortunately the old platform is no longer being developed. It seems to have reached the limits of its technical capacity. You can still listen to Tidal via the Naim app so it’s not so bad.

Tidal via the Naim app is pretty useless IMO. Buy a Chromecast Audio or similar so you can use the Native app.

If they can do it for Spotify then why not Tidal, it’s only a software upgrade!

All software upgrades require a compatible hardware platform with the appropriate storage, memory, I/o etc attributes. Tidal connect and the ndx are not compatible, as determined by Naim.

Same as the roon app won’t run on my Samsung tablet since 1.7 as it needs OpenGL 3. My tablet is no longer compatible.

And yet Airplay2 could be added. I suspect it’s more of a business decision, focussing resources on current and/or future products instead of improving legacy. Which I understand in a way, people might even choose not to upgrade because of it.

What makes it a bit painful is that when they did add something it was something that only benefited part of their users. Something like Tidal Connect would benefit everyone equally at least.

I don’t think you can equate being able to support airplay 2 with being able to support tidal connect.

You can equate them perfectly in one respect: are both entirely unsupported on 1st gen. streamers.


So, now I know the reason for Tidal disappearing from my app yesterday afternoon. What are our options ? I put an old 3rd gen AppleTV onto the optical port of the NDX and can throw Tidal(and podcasts) to that from the phone, but it’s not a particularly hi-fi solution and means it goes through the iPhone as well.
Any other options people are aware of ?


Would this be the same for the nds

TIDAL should still be working perfectly on older-generation streamers - we haven’t removed it.

TIDAL Connect is just another way of using TIDAL, it’s not a replacement for it. Also worth noting that it’s not live on the newer streamers until later this year,

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Thanks Clare, so I guess the next question to the community is where has Tidal gone ?
I reinstalled the app yesterday as I was having problems and Spotify/Tidal are no longer there ! And nothing in Settings either to enable them as far as I can see.

I’m not a Tidal user but the iOS Naim app link looks to be OK on my NDX/iOS app when I have Settings > Input Settings > Tidal enabled.
It worked OK when I started a free trail & its still opening normally & waiting for log in entry.


As @Mike-B correctly suggests, place to look is Settings>Input Settings
Both TIDAL and Spotify there as options in my Mu-so Qb 1st gen when I just checked.

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Tidal is there on my UnitiQute 2 as well.

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Thanks for the updates everyone - however this is all I see:

I’m going to reinstall the app again anyway.

How peculiar! If it was running happily on your NDX before it’s odd that it’s gone awol. If restarting the app doesn’t do it, try turning the NDX off and then on again.


Also tried that yesterday @hungryhalibut but about to switch it off again. I’ll leave it off all afternoon and disconnect the power. Probably delete the app again and reboot phone.

Not sure about the comms between device and app and if I have any issues with NDX. It does need a service - new screen required - but was hoping to survive until after this lockdown period.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

NDX has not changed any thing
On my iPad I enable Tidal as follows
Open UPnP
Touch Tools (Gear) in top right corner
Touch Input Settings & you should see the screen in the picture