Tidal connect for NDX!

The only other thing I can think of is a factory reset. Hopefully the screen is good enough to be able to follow the prompts.

It’s almost like the NDX has reverted to pre- Tidal firmware, which can’t have happened of course.

You screenshot doesn’t show multiroom either, which again is odd.

@Mike-B Having a look on my iPad I see that screen but I see the same options - no tidal no Spotify ! Also no multi room as @hungryhalibut noticed.

Screen is no good - can’t see a thing even when it gets dark.

I would try a factory reset but not something to do without a functioning screen. Have you tried a power cycle to see if the missing items can be recovered, after that I would try a reinstall of 4.7

You need to sort out the screen, it’s not a functional item without it.

For information - also see DAC options

@Mike-B Thanks - I’ll try and look up the sequence as I will probably be doing it blind because the screen has faded so much.

Oh dear. If that becomes a challenge perhaps it’s time to get it sent back to Naim now rather than later. Possibly your dealer could arrange for courier collection direct from your house to Naim, and lend you something else in the meantime. They aren’t doing demos so may have an NDX2 available for loan.

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I think you are right @hungryhalibut. Still I’ll wait until it gets dark and give it a try.

Thanks for all the help, everyone.

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Thanks for all the comments, it’s been a great help, can’t afford a NDX2 so will get a Auralic G1 and feed it through an nDac, will give me the Naim sound and more streaming functionality
I could ever need.

If anyone is interested, it turns out my problem was caused by an Apple Extreme Router that was dying ! Lots of intermittent faults until finally at the weekend it stopped doing anything really.
Replacement on order.


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