Tidal Connect Masters only plays at HiFi

Hi Tidal Masters plays on my MacBook Pro but as soon as I connect to my Unity Atom it reverts to Hi-Fi. This also occurs on my Android phone …Masters on the phone but HiFI on the Naim. Is this expected?

Yes, Naim streamers don’t support MQA so you will automatically get a regular 16/44.1 stream instead.

Thank you. So what do Naim users use for hi-res music?



It’s unfortunate there isn’t good support for Amazon Music in Naim products. So much potential there with proper high resolution music for a good price. I tried it last year and the best I could do was Airplay, which maxes out at 48/24. Chromcast didn’t work at all from an IOS device.

The fact that Naim don’t support Amazon has more to do with Amazon than Naim.

Qobuz is 12 quid a month, how cheap does one need it?

Yes quite so. I can send stuff to my Nova by Chromecast initiated from my iPhone if I want to, for example from the BBC Sounds app.

Music should be free, and musicians should live on air.

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Tidal will use hi-res flac in the near future as MQA is experiencing serious financial problems.[MQA has gone into administration: what does this mean for Tidal and supported products? | What Hi-Fi?]

Yes but currently a Tidal Hi-Res (MQA) subscription is much more expensive than Qobuz, hopefully that will be rectified when Tidal go to Hi-Res FLAC.
Im hoping Tidal will get more cost competitive with other Hi-Res service providers.

I think that majority of the streaming service users in these forums use Qobuz or other services at least partly exactly due to that (plus MQA is not so highly regarded).

I am a Tidal subscriber myself though and happy to pay a couple of euro per month more in order to keep this service going (also my understanding is that Tidal pay artists a bit more than some other service providers but I might have outdated information concerning this).

There’s an article this morning on What HiFi.
](Tidal CEO details hi-res FLAC rollout timeline – and it’s great news, folks | What Hi-Fi?)

Im also very happy to pay a few more bucks every month to pay higher royalities to artists as without supporting artists well we have no music whatsoever.
Im also still buying CDs of albums ive really liked after listening to them on Tidal, but not so many as i uesd to before because i can check them out and be far more selective in my CD buying.
Roll on August for the Hi-Res FLAC on Tidal, but MQA is also very very good.

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