Tidal Connect on Android - no Atom volume control?

I can see some old posts on the topic but nothing current.

When using Tidal Connect to the Atom from my Pixel 4A, the hardware buttons on the phone do not change the volume on the player as they do for Spotify Connect, for example.

I have current Tidal and Naim apps and Android 12. Phone has been power cycled.

Is this a limitation of the implementation or do I need to change a setting somewhere ?


It’s a limitation of Android 12 (grapevine says patent infringement lawsuit against Google by Sonos), which Google are planning to fix in Android 12.1, so hopefully Tidal Connect will be abe to use those hardware buttons again.

I surely miss this as well; vaguely knew somewhere in the back of my mind there was a reason to not yet upgrade to Android 12 but forgot before I pulled the upgrade trigger…


Used to work on my Android phone but after the latest update it doesn’t.
Very annoying as the Tidal Connect is on Atom overall.

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