Tidal connect on Naim app

Hi everyone.
I just updated my Uniti 2 streamer version to 4.7, the newest version.

  • In the Naim app, I don’t see Tidal as a preset option, like how there a preset for Spotify.
  • And in the Tidal app, i don’t have an option to connect to the Uniti 2 directly like how the Spotify app allows a direct connect.
    Any ideas on how to do this? Tks.

Spotify Connect is their proprietary way of connecting their iOS app to an external device. Tidal is fundamentally different, and their app can’t do it, so Naim implemented Tidal control from within their own app. So you need to control it from the Naim app Tidal input.

Thanks for the explanation. The problem is I don’t see Tidal as a preset option in my Naim app. Here are the presets: cd, fm, iradio, upnp, usb, spotify, bluetooth, front, digital 1,2,3,4. No Tidal. See photo of screen shots.

Tap the settings icon in the top right, then Input settings. Is Tidal in the list and if so is it enabled?

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There was another user posting here recently who had this problem. I can’t remember the solution, but if restarting the streamer and app doesn’t work, try a factory reset of the streamer, and delete/reinstal the app, and I’m pretty sure Tidal will appear.

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move to Qobuz. it is better sound quality.

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SORTEd!!! The input setting tip worked, thanks so much. Thanks everyone!

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