Tidal cutting Beethoven down to size?

Playing the Ninth (Solti/Chicago Symphony).
During the third movement - stopped.

Restarted it. During the final movement (“Turkish” section) stopped again.

Is this because of a Tidal problem, the actual recording is at fault, or what?


Try a different recording. If it plays OK the fault could be at Tidal. If it also drops out you may have a network issue as Tidal plays fine these days. Good luck!

This Tidal selection plays all the way through for me. Mike

I’ve tried stopping and starting between each movement, but it makes no difference. It always cuts out at exactly the same places.

So I’ve deleted the “collected” symphonies and downloaded them individually…

… and - bugger. Still hangs in exactly the same places. :angry::angry::angry:

I’m wondering if it’s got anything to do with running 4.6.0 firmware?

Finally managed to overcome the problem by transferring each movement, in order, to a “Playlist”.

Then coming out completely after the end of each movement, going back in and starting the next.

It works, but it’s… weird… :thinking::scream:

Very weird. Have you contacted Tidal support, if it exists?

There are obviously a number of potential variables and issues at play here.

I don’t think that the problem resides with Tidal, because as reported by mfin99 the recording also plays in full on my system. However, I use Tidal via Roon, and I assume that you are using Tidal via the Naim app.

MikeD, that’s too weird. Your problem does not sound like a Tidal problem.
I access Tidal through the Naim app. and all I have to do is select the album/track and hit play.
Are you running latest versions of firmware and the Naim app?

Sounds like an issue with your network.

Odd thing is, it happens with only one recording, the same one that mfin99 says works fine for him…

Just my 1p. Ive had issues with the Muso2 and ND5 with a classical piece of say 5 movements and the SW plays the 1st and last piece and nothing in-between.

It won’t be the 4.6 firmware. There was a Tidal fix in 4.7 but from memory that was to sort out some Tidal file formats not working at all because of a change they had made.

Wouldn’t do any harm to put 4.7 on it though!



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