Tidal cutting out today (Nov. 21) on ND5 XS

Tidal has been cutting out today on my Naim ND5 XS. Internet radio works fine, so it is not a network problem.

Has anyone else had problems with Tidal today?

No issues here on 21st, currently using a Superuniti 2 in Australia.

Hade some issues yesterday too but seems OK today.

Tidal is cutting out after 90 to 120 seconds on 272 here yesterday and today also. It streams fine via Roon or the Tidal app so it’s not the source or the network. I haven’t checked yet to see if the problem exists on my NDX2 or not, last time it was just the older models that were affected. Hopefully it won’t take months like last time for the issue to be resolved.

Tidal is still cutting out today.

Nothing noticed with tidal here in Germany for ages

Here in Canada, I am getting constant cut outs. Internet radio is perfect. Nobody else is having problems?

This is frustrating! One album on Tidal plays all the way through without cutting. Other albums, cut out 60 seconds into the first song!

Can confirm Tidal stops playing randomly after a song or two on my NDS in the states. SUPER frustrating. I’m assuming it’s on Tidal’s end so there’s nothing that can be done?

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Naim should look into this. It’s very frustrating! Are those of us with legacy streamers forever doomed to have problems? What if Tidal changes their whole infrastructure?

Richard Dane, can you inform Naim?

I use my streamer mostly with my NAS and use TIDAL to review albums I do not own. When it has periods when it is not working I use Internet Radio or stream from the NAS… I TIDAL goes under there will be something/somebody else that will step in to take its place. I know its frustrating but the technology is not yet 100% perfected. I don’t believe it is a NAIM issue but something that TIDAL needs to work out. Have you contacted TIDAL directly? …or sent an email to NAIM support?

I haven’t contacted Tidal nor Naim. I was hoping to get some feedback first. I will wait for Naim to see this thread. But, contacting Tidal sounds like a good idea!

I have written to Tidal and Naim customer support.


I think that is a positive step and hopefully both will provide a response to your inquiry. It is frustrating when things don’t work and with streaming. There are so many pieces to the puzzle with multiple vendors and service providers involved that it is hard for the consumer to put their finger on the problem.

We have all had moments like you are experiencing and hope it gets sorted out soon.


That sounds like the the small buffer on the old generation streamers being unable to cope with latency issues on the network. These could be anywhere between the Tidal server and your streamer, so not easy to pin down. Chances are, your NDX2 will be unaffected if this is the case.

Naim don’t monitor the forum routinely, it’s a discussion forum, not a support platform. If there’s an issue that they can help with, you should contact support.

For what it is worth, I had Tidal drop out of a track once today on the NDS. I hasten to add that I listened to Tidal for perhaps 15 minutes.


The odd thing is that this is getting worse – don’t know what has changed. I have a two year old Muso Qb and for the first year it worked flawlessly but during this year the performance has gradually deteriorated down to the level that Tidal starts to be unusable (works fine on the phone).

This is a limitation of the old Naim streaming architecture… it was addressed and remedied in the new streaming architecture on the current streamers.
Essentially the network transport (TCP) windowing buffers were not large enough on the legacy streamers to comfortably handle ‘elastic’ data flows with higher bit rate data such as 44.1/16/2 Flac, and in extreme cases 320 Kbps AAC internet radio over the internet … that is flow latency due to internet routing, routing loading, server loading or home network loading/latency.
The legacy streamers were modified via firmware to optimise the data transport stack as far as possible to mitigate … but it is an inherent hardware and architecture limitation or vulnerability on the legacy streamers with the original transport.
You may find this happens from time to time on the old streamers and as conditions load more like your ISP back haul or your own broadband access it may appear to get worse. It may also vary from track to track, as tracks are spooled from different global cloud service providers that Tidal use… and the flow characteristics can vary from different servers and service providers.
One alternative it to use a proxy server such as BubbleUPnP… this presents effectively a non elastic local flow to the legacy streamers which they are quite able to process.

@Simon-in-Suffolk from technical point of view I understand what you are saying but it is still disappointing from customer experience point of view that first there is one year fully trouble free (you kind of expect the good performance to continue) and after that the product come useless (I bought the Muso only Tidal in mind, which of course might have been a mistake).