Tidal cutting out

I own a nac 272 and my tidal has started to cut out. It worked perfectly up until now.
Thing i can’t work out is when i switch to iradio hd it plays perfect as usual.
So it can’t be the stream, Ethernet cable or broadband.
I’m gunna flip if i have to pack it up and send it back to naim.:sob:

In most cases posted on here it has been at the tidal end, and Naim have had to contact Tidal to sort it out. Have you contacted Naim or Tidal?

Not yet, this is my go-to place for queries then take it from there.
I’ve only had tidal for 3 weeks, but if it’s notorious for problems i’ll just go back to Spotify.

Not usually, but when there have been problems for many members of the forum it has been a tidal server problem. Might be worth a reboot of the 272 by powering down and then repowering, but not usually needed for the 272.

I just went back to Spotify, sounds as good and there’s no point paying double if i can’t access MQA!
What’s going on with the MQA thing,
Are naim doing a software update or just a nac 272-2?
I’ve noticed that you can now pic them up for nearly half the RRP.

Assuming you’re using Tidal lossless, I’m surprised you find it no better sounding than Spotify. The difference is substantial to my ears.
Tidal lossless will use more bandwidth than iRadio, so if your internet connection is struggling that’s not surprising.
What firmware is your 272 running?

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