Tidal display

Has there been an ‘update’ to the NAIM app display? Mine has suddenly become minimised to the extent that I can barely see what’s there without squinting. It’s also lost the artist information and now just gives the album title.

Canwe get back to matching the display as presented by the Tidal app please? :scream::unamused:

On iPhone the display is the same as before

Unfortunately don’t know about iPad

That’s not the display I’m talking about. I’m talking about the (for example) album listing.

I’m using an Android device.

Ok, sorry then I can’t help you (I have no Android devices).This is usually the view I use for TIDAL though as it shows the artist, album and track info.

No issue on Android here. A full complement of data is being displayed.

Does it look like the same list via direct access to your Tidal app., or does the imaging look about half the size with album titles only?


Tidal through NAIM:

I don’t have this problem on the Naim app, iOS version. I would suggest that you contact Naim support, as they may be able to correct this in a future app update.

No problem on Android either.

It would seem that even Henry at Tech Supp is foxed…

Latest update fixed it. Huzzah! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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