Tidal downloads - where to?

Please forgive me - very much a newbie here, and still waiting for my new Uniti Star to be delivered. If I download a track from Tidal for offline playback, where is it stored? In the USB drive attached to the back of the Uniti Star, or to the iPad (/Naim/Tidal) controller?

The answer will effect what size of iPad I buy to act as the controller. (I have already bought a 2TB HDD).

If I wanted to listen to it later on my iPhone, can I transfer it locally, or would I need to re-download it to the iPhone?


On your iPad, but ‘hidden’ so you can only access it through the Tidal app.

You’d need to download it again to the other device.

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The intention of allowing storage for offline use is so that you can use it when, for example, you are travelling, and have a poor signal. It is therefore only available when using the Tidal app, not the Naim app, and only on iOS and Android devices, not computers or Naim streamers.
If you really wanted to, you could play from the Tidal app over AirPlay or Chromecast into the Star, or by connecting it to the USB port.
When you use Tidal controlled by the Naim app, the signal passes directly from your network to the streamer, not via the app.

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