Tidal drop outs on Muso-Qb

I’ve had a Muso-qb for a month or so and have suffered the drop outs that may have encountered I even changed from talk talk to Sky to make sure it was not the ISP. After losing patience with drop outs on tidal hifi I decided to try Spotify since the. Not one drop out, nothing. With Tidal a reset would happen after 3-4 tracks going back to the beginning. Spotify no issues at all. I’m no expert but it seems to me that the technology in the muso is not up to the hi quality streaming buffering of Tidal HIfi. Or Tidal can’t adapt to the lower spec WiFi of The Muso. Not sure either way but happy to plod along with Spotify


Problems with Tidal lossless streams on the Muso and all older generation Naim streamers are well documented here. The theory is that the small buffers used, which are fine with local UPnP streams, cannot always cope with high latency in Tidal web streams.

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