Tidal drop outs with


Update: Tidal fine from Naim App to Nova. Drops on Uniti2 using same App. Both wired Cat 6 on same network…


Interesting… that supports my theory… just checked and I am actually listening to Tidal now… I have integrated with my own local collection… so it’s all merged together now and seamless via Roon… I think I would find even a few milliseconds glitch unacceptable… would be kind of like listening to a scratched CD.


Just experienced this in the last week or so. Solved by signing out of Tidal on my iPhone and also my iPad. I suspect those of us with Tidal integrated streamers were getting a free pass, i.e. extra device sign-in, but the nice folks at Tidal have figured that out. Dropping the stream is their polite way of saying you’re connected to more devices than your paying for.


Think you have 5 devices you can authorize. Only 1 can play at a time.


I am not sure that is right… I just simultaneously played Tidal on two different devices playing different tracks with the same account details. I think Tidal let’s you have three simulatanoues devices.


Yes, I’ve occasionally had Tidal playing on 2 devices before, and it seemed to work fine.


Hmm I haven’t had that work for me. I can be playing via phone at work and my wife starts at home via Naim and I get kicked off.


No drop outs in the last 2 hours

The ND5 XS 2 is a wonderful piece of kit, with an astonishing VfM

Tidal, server, USB, and as a DAC … always good



After years of trouble free playback of Tidal via my NDX I have also been experiencing problems with Tidal. I start playing a song and after a period of time it just stops. It could be half way through the first song, third song, half way through the second album and it just stops. No buffering and start playing again the track just stops dead and I have to restart again. This morning I listened to a complete album and thought the problem may have resolved itself, then half way through the second album it stopped again. Moved on to a third and got to track nine and it must have stopped five times in a row. Need to do a bit of digging to find out what the problem might be, but any advice would be appreciated.


P.S. This is my first post on the new forum. I was King Size on the last one but decided to use my first instead of my surname this time around.


Hi Chris, that is exactly the same behaviour I am getting with the NDX. You think, oh, it’s fixed itself and then - silence - . Very annoying. Last night I had it drop dead every 30 seconds and got out my LPs for the rest of the evening.


I found a good solution as I have two spare 3rd generation Apple TV’s with optical outputs. I’ve connected one to my UC2 and run Tidal using the iOS app and Airplay, works a treat. I’m short of a second optical lead, so will connect up the Uniti2 tomorrow. It looks like I will be able to mulitroom them as well and I’ll have the functionality of the new Naim streamers on the old ones, so it’s a win win and the Tidal app is pretty good to boot. When Apple brought out the 4K TV they unhelpfully removed the optical output, which is a pity, as they are quite a good solution for digital streaming.


Frustrating isn’t it? I need to check (A) how Tidal is performing via the desktop app at work and (B) how it performs at home - although I usually only use it via the naim app at home so will need to do some non-maim playback via the iOS apps and desktop app outside of the main system. If they work flawlessly then one can assume that it is the way the naim app / NDX is handling the stream that is the issue.


I don’t have a first gen streamer any more so I can’t check… but if anyone does and is an information technology engineer… i’d be interested if they could set up WireShark on an Ethernet SPAN port monitoring both direction flows to the Naim streamer … set WireShark to loop record… and start recording… play Tidal until you get a dropout or stop mid track… stop WireShark… and look at the TCP flow… what do you see? Is the socket being reset? If so is anything leading up to that … such as a unrecoverable TCP acknowledgement timeout or something else…


Have a 3rd generation Apple TV set up for music only to my Uniti2 now and it’s working flawlessly, even discovering Tidal Masters - added bonus.

I remember now that the Apple TVs have onboard memory for buffering, which Naim only introduced with the new streamers. So I wonder whether the issue is latency with the first gen streamers and changes to how Tidal is delivering the stream. If that’s the case, I wonder if that’s going to be an ongoing issue with the first gen Naim streamers that can’t be fixed via firmware? Interesting times.


I’ve had my Airporr Express connected to my Qute the past couple of days just so I can listen to music without getting frustrated. Hell I’ve gone as far as to ask my dealer about a possible trade from my 272/xpsdr/250dr to SN2/NDX2. Guess I could just start buying more cds and give up Tidal all together but it sure is nice to have that huge catalog of music and new albums available instantly. Would be great to have an expensive piece of stereo equipment work as advertised. This has to be embarrassing for Naim if not detrimental to their bottom line. I’m sure they are losing sales over this issue among others from the not so distant past.


There is potentially an ongoing ‘vulnerability’ to TCP latency or more accurately round trip delay on the first generation streamers. This is constrained architecturally. Unless there is a specific new ‘protocol’ exchange with Tidal that is not being handled in the background - which could be fixed with new firmware - hence my query for somebody to sniff the network with a legacy streamer to see the exchanges - then the only other way to insulate yourself from latency and limited TCP segment window size issues is to use a proxy server.

However there is a known issue with some mp4 containerised media types with Tidal that are not supported on the legacy streamers. Naim are working on a remedy and I expect a fix will appear in due course. Such content might be shown as AAC encoded and is relatively rare.


There is now a conversation about this in the naim audio FB group:


This would seem to suggest that this is a naim + tidal issue as opposed to an issue with the users local networks. Seems like naim are aware of it too


Yes the positive from this is my network is still ok and I don’t need to invest, for now, in a mesh system. I did talk to to my dealer about trade for SN2/ndx2 but before it got serious I backed our and decided to just wait on 272 replacement. Hopefully in the next year that will be one a reality. Until then I have airport express for Qute and Apple TV for 272 to help with tidal.


Third day without drop outs here



What streamer?