Tidal drop outs with

This is disappointing if the issue has not been corrected. Also it’s a real crap move on Naim’s part to post that update in this thread when apparently it has nothing to do with the issue that started this thread. Poor choice at best. Kind of sad honestly.

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Writing from Canada. I’ve had a muso for 9 months and use Tidal. I have a robust cable system for internet and 330Mbps download and 16 Mbps upload wifi speeds, but still needed to buy a Netgear Orbi 3000 router system early on in an attempt to stop the signal dropping. Hasn’t helped.

If I’d had even the slightest hint that the Naim muso would drop the signal even once an hour I wouldn’t have bought a Naim unit. My Naim muso drops the signal as many as 3 or 4 times an hour and then it’ll go 3 hours without dropping it. I can’t believe that in this day and age the company hasn’t resolved this issue (look back at forums and you’ll see dropping the signal has been an issue as far back as 2005). Where’s Naim on this issue. I’ve even got the Netgear satellite router connected to the muso by Ethernet with no improvement.

I did the firmware update to 1.8.00 this morning. My App version is 5.11.2.

Can anyone suggest a work around for this problem? Should the Naim muso be kicked up a notch and accept the faster 802.11ac rather than the pedestrian speed of the 802.11b and the slightly faster 802.11g? Should the muso be wired for 5Ghz rather than 2.4Ghz? Or accept both? Does anyone know what/if Naim is doing about this issue? Is the bitrate on the hifi platform from Tidal too high for the muso to handle?

Perhaps we should be asking Tidal if they’re the problem. Do people using Spotify have this problem of dropped signals?

I’m a very frustrated and unhappy customer who will be returning my unit to the vendor if I can’t get this resolved.

BTW while typing this my muso dropped the signal…

I updated my UQ2 and Uniti2 yesterday, but it hasn’t fixed the drop-outs. My dealer suggesting signing out and in on Tidal, but that hasn’t worked. It seems the issue is widespread following changes in file types from Tidal. As a workaround, I have 3rd generation Apple TVs connected through the optical connections to the UQ2 and Uniti2 and use Airplay from the Tidal iOS app or Mac desktop app, and have no problems with that set up. Playing Tidal to those same units through the Naim app is completely unstable and unusable.

I also have a Nova and that has no issues with Tidal from within the Naim app.

Thanks for the info, Mike_S. Do you find there’s a loss in sound quality if you play through the Tidal app instead of the Naim app? And do you know if there’s a quality loss if you play music using Bluetooth from Tidal to your Naim unit?

I’m no expert, but as I understand it, using the Tidal App and Airplay sends the audio over wifi to the Naim - so may reduce SQ and has a limited bandwidth. Using the Tidal App and Chromecast has a higher bandwidth, but I’ve had conflicting advice as to whether it’s streams over wifi, or through the Ethernet if connected. Whereas streaming from within the Naim app is direct from the web and on,y limited in bandwidth by the Naim model (older streamers versus newer).

Generally, Airplay is more stable than Chromecast too.

To my ears, using the Tidal App and the Airplay workaround is fine on the UQ2 and Uniti2 and the Naim app works with the Nova - so issue on that.

It seems to be a rapidly developing area of techno by with master quality streaming being introduced and the app interfaces catching up.

I can now verify too that the update does not help with Tidal stopping. My $100 Apple products and $150 Sonos Play 1 have no such issues but my $6500 Naim product does. Lol. Not sure who the dumba$$ is here. Naim for not being able to get this right or me for buying a product that can’t do what a cheap piece of Chinese made plastic can do.


I sense frustration?

the cisco catalyst switch can help for the drop outs. You can find a lot of threads on it. ( around 50 euros, second hand, refurbished ones).

I suspended subscription TIDAL and I play 2 days Spotify - work perfect, without any issue.

After Mike_S mentioned Bluetooth, Airplay, and the Tidal app in an earlier post, I decided to try playing my music using Airplay off my iPhone 8 to the Tidal app and the Naim muso. I’m hoping I don’t jinx this, but I’ve been listening to a variety of my playlists for the past 2 hours…I’m almost afraid to say it gulp…without one drop.
I haven’t been paying too much attention to quality, that’s for tomorrow.
Thanks Mike_S, I’m feeling better already.
And thanks naimowski for the hint re Spotify.

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There is also a Tidal app on Apple TV if you have a TV connected to your system.

Thanks but I gave away my Apple TV when I bought a Smart TV a year ago. BTW, I’ve been flipping back and forth between the Tidal app and the Naim app and there’s no question the sound quality is better going through Naim. However, no drops = music, while drops = total frustration. So I’ll wait until Naim deals with this issue, which I hope is soon.

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FR I am glad you have found a remedy, but I would advise caution anyone reading your post thinking this is a generealised remedy for TCP latency… it’s not

The Tidal app on IOS uses Airplay which is almost certainly relatively cruddy reamplung the sound to send on. If you play natively with the Naim app then the streamer/Muso has the FLAC/AAC media stream directly sent to it… it will sound better as there are less digital distortions…

The Tidal iOS app also uses Chromecast, which will input direct to the streamer, as I understand it?

Given that Tidal via the Naim app actually doesn’t work for many of us makes Airplay look positively good…

If it’s via an Apple TV, the ATV will buffer the stream and avoid drop outs. This was a strength that ATV had over the Naim streamers, and Nain have just caught up with buffering on the new streamers. Hence drop outs on old streamers, but not new ones, and ATV working on an old streamer with inadequate buffering, by doing the buffering for it?

Anyway, until Naim fix the problem, we’re stuck with work arounds.

To clarify, our recent firmware fixes a specific issue where some TIDAL streams on the high quality setting with a .mp4 extension would fail to play. We continue to work with TIDAL on additional issues, including reported dropouts, and will update everyone as soon as possible.


I think you have to accept the inescapable fact that the old streamers, which were developed a decade ago, when Tidal didn’t exist, don’t have a big enough buffer, and that isn’t going to change with a firmware update. If it was that simple, this long-standing problem would have been solved by now. Choose your workaround, and move on.
To my mind, the best workaround is BubbleUPnP server, which is free.

Thanks for the update. Currently enjoying Tidal on my Nova, and it’s an awesome piece of audio engineering.

I agree that older technology has to be enjoyed for what is, but the drop outs for me are new (last two weeks in my case), and seem to be due to changes at Tidals end - let’s hope it can be tidied up.

I’ll check out bubble, I’m not familiar with it.