Tidal Free Subscription from Naim

Hi, may i ask if anyone knw if i already had an tidal account n already signed in using naim app, am i still eligible for the 6 months free subscription thats suppose given when i purchase my ND555?

It probably applies only to a new subscription.

But we’re talking what, less than 1% of the ND555 & p/s cost?

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If you have used your current email address it will reject your free subscription. Nothing stopping you using a different email though.

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To confirm: it’s for new subscribers only.

Noted and thx all!

I suppose we have to set it up through the app? I forgot about it but 6 month hifi is worth using a few minutes on.

One more question the app says start your 90 day free trial when logged out of tidal. So is the appp or the thread title correct?

It’s 90 days, via the App.

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