Tidal has disappeared from my app

Has Tidal disappeared from anyone else’s iPhone app ? This has happened before for a few days and then it came back. It’s not even there as an option in settings anymore. Any ideas anyone ?


Mines still there.

Most odd. I’ve never had that issue or head of it. Is the app the latest version? You could maybe try deleting it and reloading it again.

Hi @cdboy @Dzayia

I restarted and reset the NDX itself and I’ve now got it back.
Thanks for your suggestions.

If something, anything, isn’t working properly on a Naim streamer, server or app, turning the power off and restarting things is always the first thing to try. If that doesn’t fix it, then restarting the router as well is the next thing to try.

With the app, there is very rarely a need to delete it and reinstall. Stopping the app and reselecting it often fixes it and if it’s finding rooms that is the problem, pulling the rooms screen down and releasing it is often enough to get the app to look again for rooms.



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