Tidal has disappeared

The Tidal icon disappeared from my Naim app last night. Naimuniti MK1, updated to 4.8 firmware, running the latest 2.22.3 version of the app on Android. Both the Uniti and phone are on the same network. It was working fine earlier in the evening until a “trying to connect” message came up in the Uniti. After a while I rebooted the router then restarted the app and the Uniti. The Uniti went into a restart loop which only stopped when I disconnected the network cable. Everything then came back again but minus the Tidal icon. Resetting the app didn’t do anything except reset the name of the Uniti.

Any help to go to settings within the app and logout - re-login to Tidal?

I can’t see any mention of Tidal in the settings. But while I was looking I noticed that Spotify has disappeared as well. Neither is now listed as an input in Input Settings. My account is working fine on my phone and computer. I cleared data and cache on phone and checked app permissions.

Have other inputs appeared on the app home page? If so the Tidal input may have been relegated to a lower position in which case swiping from right to left should reveal it. Then you can go to Settings and put the inputs back in your preferred order.

Edit - if the inputs are missing in Settings the above is obviously not the solution (although you may still need to do this later). I would try a factory reset, and if that doesn’t work try running the update again.

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Must be problem with new firewal. After last update Tidal is freezing often (on Atom). I reboot few time in lasta days, something wrong with new update, for shure.

I think you might be on the wrong thread, this one is about an issue with a 1st gen. Uniti.

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Chris, thanks for that. Given that no-one else is experiencing this I will try reinstalling the firmware update.

How old is your Uniti? Obviously not the very earliest with the 24/96 board as you had Tidal working before, but I wonder if there could be an undiscovered issue with some early versions.

Success! The factory reset worked. Thanks Chris. I’ve no idea what caused this but the solution is super easy to implement.


Factory reset also works for Uniti2 player, thanks.

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