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Prob me being a thicky but…Currently listening to Tidal on my NDS (£12.99 a month) how do / can I upgrade to hi res?

Logged in and followed instructions - click on subscription to see what subscription I had and was presented with the below…

Question would be why you want to? Naim streamers don’t support anything better than CD quality in Tidal

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I didn’t know that! That closes that one then!

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However, “Premium” is the lossy compression version. (mp3 or whatever they are using)

“Hifi” is the lossless version and includes both CD-quality (16 bit, 44.1 kHz) and, where available, hi-res via the MQA technology, called “Masters”. You can use “Hifi” with CD quality on Naim streamers, it’s just that when playing a “Masters” album it will only play with CD quality

I suppose the next question would be why are you paying £12.99 a month for Tidal through iTunes when you can get it for £9.99 a month direct from Tidal? You would still benefit from CD quality streams on the Hi-Fi plan rather than the 320kbps mp3 that Tidal Premium provides.

Good question - I never use I tunes - subscribed straight via them. Will check on pricing.

You need to cancel your Tidal account. Then set up a new one direct with Tidal. Then Apple will no longer get to take a sizeable chunk of your cash every month in return for sweet FA.
When you sign up again with Tidal, you can select the ‘HiFi’ lossless subscription level.


Thanks, have just done that, I know it’s only a couple of pound but it’s the principle!

You were just giving Apple £36 a year for absolutely nothing. They don’t exactly need the money!

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Indeed, all cancelled now - hopefully my decision won’t bankrupt them!

Will re subscribe again on the 28th Jan and just so I’m clear there is no value in the higher end service with set up (NDS)?


You need the higher service which is called the Hifi service. This is lossless and includes their MQA offering which you won’t use.

Premium is their basic service and doesn’t offer lossless, i.e. it’s just MP3, god knows why they call it premium. It’s a bit like these products that are graded good, better or best, they should really be labelled crap, adequate and OK.

There’s an offer of 4 months for £4 at the moment, Google will find it for you.

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Tidal Hifi is 16/44 , so cd quality. Before you had Tidal mp3 quality.
If you want hires and much better sound, go for Melco server and buy hires albums.
It’s what I do, the sound quality vs Tidal is really much better. But yes, at a cost of buying albums.
Personally I buy a lot of tracks, because all tracks in an album don’t please me. So I buy generally 3 or 4 tracks per album on Qobuz or Bandcamp.
It costs me around 40 euros per month. But I don’t stream Tidal.

@trickydickie is right in saying that with the hifi tier you’ll benefit from CD quality streams rather than mp3 and the MQA streams included with the hifi tier are no use on Naim streamers.
Alternatively assuming you’re in the UK you can get Qobuz for £14.99/month with CD quality streams so a fiver a month cheaper than Tidal hifi.

Not with his Nds. Or with additional box or Mconnect app.

Thanks, I have taken the offer you mention - appreciated.

I had to use a different username but now I can’t seem to change to the new username on the Naim app… I have logged out but the old username is hard coded and I can’t overtype it…

Any suggestion?

Do you have the Tidal app on your phone? If so try logging out of that as well

Thank you so much, that worked… I would have never figured that out in a million years!

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