Tidal hifi more expensive through apple id?!

I’m kind of confused here. I cancelled my credit card because it was gone. In the meantime Tidal couldn’t charge and my subscription ended so I put my new card in to pay and lo and behold paying through apple subscription they want 279SEK instead of the 199SEK I payed before. When I try to change the subscription on Tidals page on the web they tell me to go through my apple-id to handle subscription?!

How the **** do I get my subscription back without paying an extra 80 just because of Apple?

I now have the premium and sound isn’t up to par. It’s annoying to say the least and I don’t understand how to solve it.

I suppose Apple charges the 20 to 30 percent on any app store purchases also subscriptions. The way our of this is never to buy anything in t the app store other than apps unless you want to pay these 20 to 30 percentages in appel tax.

That sounds reasonable. However when I noticed it I wanted to change my premium plan to a hifi plan through Tidals own page. That doesn’t seem to work and I find it unacceptable really.

I suspect you have to cancel your Tidal subscription completely and then sign up again on their website, not involving Apple at all.

Apple’s anti-competitive conditions of sale through their App Store are coming under pressure now, thank goodness, but in the meantime you have to work around it.




Thank you David, just as I thought. However it seems to mean I have to wait a month before storting over.

Had to do the same with my Qobuz subscription. When Qobuz reduced the fees, Apple maintained the old price. I cancelled the Apple one and reordered direct. Annoying but surprisingly my favourites were still there, so not too much of a problem.

When you cancel the subscription you can continue using it until the month you have paid for expires. Then sign up again on the Tidal web page instead of Apple’s overpriced App Store as David says.

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I still use my Apple ID email as the login but you have to do it all via the tidal web site and then log back in to the apps… if you just link through to your account page from the app it doesn’t work you have to go in separately via a web browser….

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Yes I know, the annoying thing seems to be I can´t get hifi until the month has passed.

Íll try and see if I can go via the web page to change to hifi before the monthly subscription ends.

When I go through the web page using my iPad I get routed to Apple.

It is the seller (Qobuz) that sets the price in the App Store, not Apple.

Of course. But Qobuz have to recover the huge fee that Apple charge for selling subscriptions through their App Store.

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Irrespective, it was half the price (monthly) directly through the Qobuz website for the same product, so if anyone else is still paying the original price for Qobuz through Apple, the subscription needs to be cancelled via Apple App Store and then set up again directly via Qobuz website. If you try to cancel from the Qobuz site it informs you that this can’t be done and to do so via App Store. Hopefully everyone has done this as the reduced price took effect a long time ago now.

Its obvious the current state can’t go on. The interesting question is what replaces it. Today 99% of Spotify app downloads are paid by Apple, no cost to Spotify. 84% of all downloads from the App Store are paid for by Apple (like Naims app), no cost to developers. All development tools and libraries are free etc. And Apple gives every developer free access to all its customers worldwide.

Apple originally wanted innovation and set the App Store fee-structure up so the really big developers help-out covering the cost of handling all those small developers and free apps. What we see now is the really boring big powerful corporations (like Spotify, the biggest fish in the music market) trying to reset this with various workarounds or using politics.

But isn’t the only way to install an app on an Apple device to download it from the app store??
So isn’t the attitude of Apple “look how generous we are to have you all these downloads from the app store for free” a bit hypocritical? To put it mildly.
And I don’t think selling figures of the iPhone would be that high if there were hardly apps available for it. So it’s a 2-way street,both Apple and developer benefit.

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Whilst the Apple 30% cut is unsustainable the fact remains that it’s in part thanks to that 30% the Apple App Store is a damn sight more of a safe space for downloads than anything in the Android universe.

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