Tidal HiFi Plus - 90 Days for £2

Just received an email from Tidal.

That’s not a bad offer.:heart_eyes_cat:

Indeed it is, I tried to get the offer but as I previously had the 7 day trial it was a no unfortunately.

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Tidal standard is available for £3 for 3 months too.

We’ve subscribed and applied firmware 4.8 so we can dip our toe in the Tidal water. If we use it enough we’ll keep!

If you currently have Tidal can you cancel it and take out a new account with a different email address (everything else remaining the same) and get 3 moths for £2?

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Just as a suggestion, don’t cancel until you have the new email address working with the £2 deal

I can create a new email anytime via my domain but it will always be the same after the @. I’ll give it a go and see if it works. If it does I’ll do it every year and save 25%. Result. However, I’m sure they’ll have this one covered.

Just how little do you think artists deserve to be paid for their music? Tidal are stingy enough without any help from you!


I agree with Chris. I mean come on. We come on here talking about spending 5K for speaker cables. And we want to game the system to save 10 bucks on tidal. Seriously ?


Is he from the Dutch? :sweat_smile:

Other services offer 90 days for free - with higher quality streaming on Naim equipment and better reward the artists (for a streaming service). I’d shop around.

Like what?

Qobuz has a free promo period but at least here in Germany it’s 30 days not 90

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Qobuz! If you do a search you’ll find the 90 day offer.

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Well it’s 20 quid a month and we don’t all have 5k to spend on the boxes, never mind on speaker cables. You pay for the Tidal service. The artists have already been paid royalties. You might be super rich but I’m not.

Yes I think I’ll do that. Bin off Tidal for 3 months, subscribe to the Qobuz free trial, and get the “judgemental holier than thou” off my case. Really no need for it.

They don’t get paid by individual subscriptions. You pay for Tidal’s UI. So Tidal is stingy what’s your problem with me not giving them £58. They’ve had plenty of money off me for a few years.

TIDAL is paying to the artists so you are not paying only for UI for them.

Tidal has one of the highest royalty payment rates in the music industry. Paying nearly 3 times as much as other high volume music streaming services.

If you want to support the artists you don’t haggle for subscriptions…

From what most artists are saying, if you want to support artists you need to commit to something other than a streaming service. Buy a CD or a t-shirt.

Tidal more generous than some but difficult to see many making a living just from streams.

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Tidal may well be stingy, but significantly less so than other streaming providers, and I would suggest significantly less than you if you persistently evade paying for the service Tidal provides. The royalties they pay may seem small but Tidal don’t even break even. If you can afford to use Naim HiFi equipment it seems pretty bizarre to me that you are not prepared to pay for the music service you use given that inadequate revenues could obliterate these few lossless providers that we rely on.


My comment was in context of streaming only (in order to keep the focus on the thread title at least loosely). I buy (new) vinyls regularly …