Tidal - how do you use it?

I find the classical is better than it first appears. You may have to search for soloist, conductor or orchestra to find it, or even album title, but it is often there somewhere.

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I personally use Tidal to find new music. The music I really like:- I try to buy the high-res version if available and then keep locally on the NAS.

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i am doing the same. Just for discovering new albums, then i purchase downloads.
I subscribe one month per 6 only.
I am also searching music on itunes, bandcamp, qobuz, allmusic, or reading downbeat magazine, on ipad.

Streaming locally sound a bit fuller and more dynamic, not night and day however…

Has anyone used foobar2000? I find it very good. I source my Nas and play either on the Naim app or airplay2 lossless.

I find free Spotify pretty good for checking out new music - with the singular benefit of zero cost!


It wont work on Naim streamers though. :hushed:
You have to use the paid for Premium version.

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I use Tidal on my Qb for more background listening when working. If I like something I buy the CD or vinyl.

I agree the Tidal classical collection is rather good… but I search via Roon which is straightforward, as well as I enjoy the Roon synopsis for Operas and other classical works that I find on Tidal.
The Tidal app, unlike Roon, is pretty useless however for searching classical.

Also keeps you fit - all that getting up and finding a CD…

While this may happen - the opposite may also be true. i.e. CDs and vinyl and tapes might continue to die out and streaming might become the mainstream.
I use tidal now as my sole source - plus a bit of internet radio - Giles petersen, Naim radio on the very rare times I use background music.
So I sold my turntable and CD player.
I kept the vinyl and CDs.
I use Tidal HiFi through the Naim app.
I never open the Tidal app.
For me the Naim app is nice a simple and stores a list of the stuff I’ve listening to kept as favourites.
So I’ve now got after less than a year perhaps 1000 tracks stores in favourites that I plan to mine and listen to.
The list keeps growing so far - i.e. I store more tracks and artists and albums in the Naim app than I can so far ever catch up with.
So far I just can’t be bothered with the fag of setting up a NAS and local streaming and I’m kind of hoping that as the next 2 or 3 years go by I’ll find ways to stream without a NAS.
If Tidal does blow up and I lose all those favourites from the Naim app, I would still enjoy starting again with the next streaming service…

Tidal has a pretty wide selection, but the of the tracks or albums I save as favourites, there is always the odd one that is greyed out and unavailable. Then there is the odd album that is just unavailable, so I would never rely on it as my sole source.

Well as someone who is in the ‘industry’ this seems fanciful. To me it’s a bit like saying online social media platforms usage are at a peak and will decline in favour of the resurgence of the fanzine by mail … people will get fit walking to pillar box to post the fanzine inputs…
I think as time goes by, and we are largely there now streaming or local play will become blurred, to the point for the vast majority physically housing vast quantities of recorded material in your own home will seem strange … after all even the ONS has removed the ‘hifi’ in favour of the streaming wireless speaker in its U.K. inflation reference measure… interestingly envelopes have been removed too.
The world has changed… sure artefacts such as CD and vinyl will be there for decades for enthusiasts… but I doubt it will be mainstream.

When many of us started to develop the first content streaming platforms in the 1990s and built and delivered the first proof of concepts and trials with the public, we dreamed of this ubiquity, I certainly did… I am genuinely surprised how quick the transformation has been. From a personal career perspective it is immensely satisfying.

Here is the promo of one the first streaming trials (1995), before mainstream personal computers, internet, browsers and the World Wide Web … streaming was to the tv (back them streaming was called ‘OnDemand’ and the term cloud simply meant those things in the sky.).

Music comes a fair waydown the pecking order.

Me too. I actually use a mate’s log in for the ad free version, otherwise same difference. Although everyone on this forum seem to be incredibly disparaging about Spotify, I honestly think the sound isn’t too bad! Ok, I wouldn’t want it as my main listen, but I’ve often thought a blind A/B test of Mp3 vs CD quality would produce some interesting results!

I can’t imagine ever not owning my own music. Although I never play a CD, knowing all the FLAC rips on my hard drives belong to me and cannot disappear with the flick of a switch is incredibly important.

I’ve tried all the usual suspects (Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify) but found I didn’t use them apart from auditioning new albums, which I’d then buy if liked.

Yes, the surety of continuity of availability of the music I love is vital to me as well, both short and long term.

When listening to Radio Paradise and hear a tune I like, I search and save it to a Tidal playlist I call listenable tunes set up just for that. It has turned out to be a pretty good mix.

How do you make playlists? with iPad

Yes, listening to rp on the naim app and opening Tidal seperately on the iPad

I’ve been rather busy of late and had forgotten about trying out Tidal… I was reading a review of the latest James Morrison album, was about to purchase and suddenly remembered my Tidal trial. Signed up and rather like Roon, it’s a bit good and integrates superbly with Roon. I can’t see myself not buying the physical versions (the ultimate backup) but for discovering new stuff this is going to be rather useful…


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