Tidal Issue

All, have a strange issue this morning. When connecting to Tidal it request in the naim app for my password, ok enter it in and get also access to Tidal, however when trying to play Tidal it doesn’t work. So seems to be a software issue as my Tidal Smartphone is connected well and playing… any suggestions, I already switched off my ND555 and restarted so that is already done. Attached also the picture of the bug message…

In the Naim app I normally also should see my preferences down there as you can see in the picture it only shows the Webradio presets which I never see…

Same problem and I believe Tidal have made changes which stops the Naim app from accessing Tidal. Such a pity Tidal do not work more closely with their partners when making changes.

Bert, I messaged Naim this morning and I believe they are on the case,


Thank Richard, hope it get’s soon solved


Great! Thanks :+1:t3:
Same problem…

It seems to be resolved!! :tada:

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Seemed to work without power down…, let’s see if I constantly need to renter the password…

Yep, all good here. Thanks for the heads up.:+1:

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