TIDAL issues with Uniti 2

Hi there,

this is my first post here so bare with me… I am (or let’s say was) a happy owner of a Naim Uniti2 and have a TIDAL subscription. Until Oct 2020 everything worked fine and all of a sudden I got issues with streaming TIDAL:

  • when I restart the device (power off/on) TIDAL is working for about 3 - 10 songs (as long as I don’t skip a song or change album…)
  • after a while, streaming stops and the network of the Uniti seems to be broken. I cannot listen to web radio nor any other network dependent services anymore
  • restarting the device does the job (again)
  • I can listen to Spotify as long as I want, skipping / changing titles is no issue there
  • I can also listen to any web radio station for as long as I like, no issues there either

Here is what I tried so far:

  • factory reset the Uniti
  • install latest firmware (4.7) on Uniti
  • factory reset my router
  • install latest iPhone version of the NAIM app
  • change quality of TIDAL stream (I don’t use the HIFI offering anymore)

Are there any further ideas how I could debug this issue? Anybody with the same issue having a solution for me?

Thanks a lot!


Does anyone have an idea?

Maybe I should add that I can listen to TIDAL from both my smartphone and my laptop without any issues in the very same Wifi network. So I don’t think the reason is “outside of the Uniti”…

Michael, have you tried signing out, restarting, then signing back in to tidal?

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