Tidal issues

Hello. I suddenly get the “Can’t Play” message on my NDX (2015 no bluetooth, firmware update 4.8, Focal & Naim app version 6.1.0) when I attempt to stream Tidal content.
I have updated the Naim App, logged off and then on to Tidal, but it won’t work.
Is anyone experiencing the same issues? (This is of course a re-run of the same problems of last year and I am really tired of the instability of streaming through the NDX - I am a Naim enthusiast but this is a little too much)

I have also got a prompt on my iPhone that I need to update my firmware, but all software is updated (firmware on the NDX and the Focal & Naim app) to the last available version. Or am I missing something?

Mine has just gone off, when i go into the naim app i cant click on Tidal. when i go into settings, its logged me out and says user not found

I assume you tried powering off and then restarting your NDX? If that doesn’t work then try doing it again, but this time restart the router too and wait until your router has fully restarted before turning your NDX on again.

Yes, I have gone through that familiar procedure three times, but it did not work.

Having same issue with my ND5SX. Have updated the app on my iPad but the Tidal icon is actually greyed out and not clickable. Will try restarting all devices… Could be a long night.

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