Tidal issues

I know this has been raised before but when selecting Tidal with my naim app through my Unitilite the music occasionally stops at random or sometimes when a next track is coming up. The app shows the message another client active and the only solution seems to be to switch the power off and on. This has been ongoing for more than 2 years now and becomes very annoying. Is there a permanent solution?

Do you use other devices with the Naim app installed to control your unitilite?

Thanks but I do not have the naim app installed on another device, only on my Ipad.

Same issue with my NDS too. But no need to turn off. Just wait a few minutes and it all work normal again. But i agree this is annoying.

You will probably find that if you swipe away (stop) the Naim iPad app and then restart it, it will now work properly. No need to restart the NDS.

That do not do the trick for me, David.
I put my system to iradio with the remote and wait 2 or 3 minutes and all of sudden it is back to normal again. Been like this the last 2 years.
Seems there are no updates to solve this.

Do you have any other software or hardware for music or video on the same network?

No i do not have any other music or video device connected. Swipe away the app does not work for me nor switching to another input like iradio. Iradio still works but if i switch back to Tidal it is still locked. So for me the only thing that really works is plug out and in the ethernet cable or restart my NDS

You can generally have Tidal (via the Naim app, Tidal app, or anything else) running on multiple devices with no problems. You can browse them, but you can’t actually play music on more devices than your subscripiton allows. Possibly only one? This would only be a problem if you, or anyone else, is using your Tidal account to play music on another device.

I suggest you do two things:

Go to the Tidal website, log in and change your password. Then log into Tidal in the Naim app with your new password.

Check that your streamer firmware is up to date. It should be on version 4.8, and the last couple of updates have included Tidal stuff.

Thanks Chris but since this is ungoing for more than 2 years i tried all this before but without any luck. I think this is a serious bug in the naim app.

do you have a dual router with 2.4ghz and 5ghz? such as a bt hub 2 etc

Yes i have a dual wifi router, both active. naim app is connected through 5Ghz

turn off the 2.4ghz mate, that will fix it. the ipad/phone etc that has the naim app on will change which requency its connected to on a regular basis causing your streamer to go bonkers.

Thanks i did not try that so far. Will give it a try.

it took me about a year of trying different things to work it out!LOL

if it doesnt fix it, then turn off the 5ghz and use the 2.4ghz

People assume its a network problem but its not really

Thanks i will find out

let us know how you get on

I will…

This advice is all very well, but it totally depends on the router. Obviously yours is not well designed but most routers connect the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz networks together seamlessly and the Naim app works without problems whichever everything is connected to.

its a bt hub 2 mate, its all about the connection to the app over wifi, the issue of it disconnecting and “another app connected” is because the device running the app gets lost as it changes over from one frequency to another. my network is completely solid through a Cisco switch