Tidal launches HiFi Plus

Has anyone found the same Tidal album sounds better thru Tidal Connect and thru roon? I’m listening on Naim HE. I also that the Tidal works better on the iPhone showing living lyrics. And I came across an album that roon said was unavailable but played fine thru the app.

Subsidiary question:

Are any of these higher res versions playable on my NDX? Or do I just downgrade now?


Are you sure?

If the album was newly released, this is normal. Roon needs to wait until they receive the next copy of the full Tidal database, which happens weekly I think. So they are a few days behind until new releases are available

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Sorry your first point is incorrect. Tidal do not provide hires files period. They provide mqa masters on the hifi plus tier that when used in conjunction with an MQA renderer will reconstruct and provide higher sample rates.

Not yet!

Happy to be pointed in the direction of any, so we can analyse them. Not finding any as it stands.

So I have an NDS (lucky me) and use it with Roon by virtue of a Sonore Bridge. So am limited to 24/192 - OK I understand. However, in my Tidal list of saved albums I like to hear before actually buying them a lot are MQA. So I’m wondering now that I have downgraded to just the HiFi tier, will these albums suddenly disappear from my favourites and will I have to find a non MQA version to be able to access it.

Yours confused by this but welcoming of a price reduction.


Is it correct to say that for a Naim Mu-so user the Tidal Hi-Fi Plus subscription is useless?
From what I read, it offers MQA and Dolby 360, which are not supported with Naim.

Unless the fabled non-MQA high-res files appear - and we have not found a single album/track that fits that description yet - it would seem the TIDAL Hi-Fi tier makes most sense for Naim users, yes.

Obviously from next year there will the option within TIDAL Hi-Fi Plus to give more money to artists, if that is something you’d like to do in this way (you could choose to support them in different ways.)


I thank you.
Certainly the opportunity to support the artists is worthwhile, but it is also true that the subscription costs double.
Today, between Internet subscription, Sky, Netflix, Amazon etc etc a lot of money is already spent on technology :sweat_smile:
I think I’ll go back to Tidal, I’ve been 5 years, then last year with Qobuz. It sounds good, but the catalog is too chaotic and badly organized.

I like Qobuz a lot despite the quirks.

Both Roon and Audirvana Studio can do the 1st MQA unfold in software.

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@TonyManero As I understand it, both subscriptions will continue to remunerate artists.

Downgrading to theTidal HiFi tier will STILL support artists. It will continue to see its revenues pooled and divided among all artists whether you play them or not.

This is in contrast to the user-centric royalty distribution model of Tidal HiFi Plus where “up to”10% of your subscription fee will now go to the artists you stream the most.

@Mike_S Do you hear any difference in sound quality?

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It’s not an album I know. If you go into the Tidal app there is a playlist of hi-res albums. I’m not really sure why people are saying there aren’t any…… there seems to be a bit of confusion bias around MQA that has muddied the water.

The takeaway is Tidal now has hi-res non MQA formats. And now the Naim streamers have Tidal connect as well, so it’s another option. I still find that Tidal has a much larger catalogue over Qobuz.

Does anyone else become exhausted with all of this digital rigamarole? It seems like you need a degree in computer science or audio engineering to know for sure what is coming through your speakers!

I think I’ll just learn to stop worrying and love whatever Tidal (at $9.99/mo) feeds me.

I haven’t had a problem with the sound quality so far, so why start now?


@Mike_S A simply question:

Do Qobuz Hi-res albums sound better than Tidal Hi-Fi albums?

Varies, some do some don’t.

The mail I got said “ TIDAL HiFi Plus delivers sound at peak performance – with HiFi quality of 1411 kbps and up to 9216 kbps for Master Quality audio. ” I read that to say that non-MQA was limited to 1,411k, i.e. CD quality, without this thread I’d probably never have checked.

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It wasn’t really different with analog recordings