TIDAL locking up the Naim App

New Naim Streamer ND555 and everything works as before hower I’m having significant problems with Tidal having just resubscribed to their service.

The base problem is that once Tidal is selected and playing a song it locks out the app so that I cant either switch to Radio, My Music or anything else. The song playing appears in the 555 screen but the only way to stop it is to switch the 555 off and on again.

Anyone else having similar issues with this that could help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance J

Recently re loaded tidal

After playing radio all afternoon tried playing a favourite album on tidal but the NDX2 was stuck on the radio. Nothing worked so had to re boot the streamer and iPhone.

I had similar issue with Tidal and my UnitiQute2.
Also have another problem - when selecting a playlist I can start eventually only the first song.
Have no solution so far unfortunately.

I recently signed up for a trial of Tidal HiFi (on my Uniti Atom) and have also found that the Naim app frequently locks up whilst using Tidal. I’m using the Android version of the app and have also noticed that the keyboard tends to popup randomly after I’ve searched for an album or artist.

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