Tidal logged me out on app

Good morning, Was doing my usual thing this morning streaming via tidal on the Naim app. Music went off display on 272 shows cant play.

Seems im logged out of tidal, it says user not found when i try to login on the app.

Switched streamer off and on again, updated naim app, changed my tidal password

still broken, internet radio is working though

all fixed, was the software version on my streamer.

Interesting. At the risk of sounding dim, how did you update the streamer software?

I am having the same problem. I can log into Tidal but not from my 272
Appreciate any advice.

good evening, it was really easy. you just need the correct cable. i use mac so needed a usb c to usb cable.

get the software from the Naim site here…

in my case scrolled down to streamers, second section, downloaded it, mounted it (as per mac) and just followed the instructions. i did have an issue the first time around but had a chat with Ross at naim, third time the update worked.

so far Tidal seems way more stable aswel so worth looking at

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